Sunday, April 4, 2010

We're moving!

As you may know, we have been living in my mother's house with my sisters, Amber and Jeni. Three weeks ago my mom emailed us and said, "Clean up the house because I'm having a realtor come to take pictures tomorrow." She has been known to give sudden, dramatic announcements. Two weeks later, after a dozen showings (for each one I had to tidy up the house, collect myself and Miles, and leave the grounds for an hour), two buyers made offers, my mom accepted, and the deal will close April 27.

Now I have inserted the following into my already-busy daily routine: apartment hunting, throwing away old papers, packing, slating items for DI, and trying to talk Alvin out of saving the items slated for DI. Fortunately, as of yesterday, I can cross off apartment hunting from my list. We found a lovely 2-bedroom near Big Cottonwood Canyon. We're excited to move because we can ditch my sister's pets, Alvin's commute to work will be quick, we will be minutes away from hiking trailheads, and the Whole Foods store is within walking distance.

But what should I do with our big piano?