Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Star

Alvin, Miles, and I went to our ward Christmas dinner Saturday night, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Miles ran around the chairs and tables with the other little kids, and we only lost him twice. The second time he appeared on stage during the serious Christmas program. He stood there while the audience chuckled and while I waited for Alvin to appear and grab him. Unfortunately, Alvin was in the halls looking for Miles. I had to make my way through the audience, jump up on the stage, and chase him down.

After the program, many ward members complimented Miles on his star performance and said it was the best part of the program. The ward clerk said it was the best Christmas program in years, thanks to Miles. What a debut for our little boy!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Alvin taught a lovely Family Home Evening lesson last night on family prayer. Miles has a select vocabulary, but Alvin helped him to say the closing prayer anyway. Here’s a snippet. Note Alvin’s attempt to include words Miles can say.

Alvin: Help us . . .
Miles: Uh.
Alvin: to eat apples.
Miles: Uh. (He must not have been in the mood to say apple. Now Alvin's going to try a word he knows Miles loves.)
Alvin: Help us . . .
Miles: Uh.
Alvin: to play the iPod.
Miles: A-men!