Monday, September 21, 2009

5 more days in Texas

Alvin's training is winding to a close, and I've seen most of the museums that interested me. It's been kind of nice being in Houston and living a simple life (simple except for the fine cuisine we've indulged in), but I think we're all ready to reunite with our family and possessions in South Jordan.

Here's a brief summary of our take on Texas, so you'll know what you're getting into if you ever come here:

Things we like about Houston
Eating out
Getting lots of exercise walking everywhere
Shiny skyscrapers
The pool is an elevator ride away
Maids clean our rooms, change our towels, and bring free shampoo
No dog hair on the carpet
Seeing old college geology friends who live here
No commitments; every night is open
Exploring new museums and parks
Ethnic diversity: Middle Eastern, African, Mexican
Feeling free to run the air conditioner all day (it’s included in the hotel tab)
Outlines of the state of Texas on freeways and pies

Talking to interesting people on the buses

Things we miss about South Jordan
Alvin’s pottery (we made some pots in Utah, but had to leave before they were fired)
Driving a car to the grocery store

Putting the groceries in the trunk instead of the bottom of a stroller
Babysitters for Miles
Our garden: zucchini, tomatoes, raspberries, and pears
Miles’ toys and highchair
Wide, even sidewalks that don’t end randomly
Cool, dry Utah September
Mountains and hiking
Wheat grinder and whole wheat bread
Yoga classes
The temple

More Adventures in Houston

Someone is going to grow up to be a geologist
Maddie, Miles, Laura, Sydnie at Brazos Bend State Park

Is it a 20 lb sack of potatoes?

No . . . it's a sack of baby!

Meet Mr. Albino Aligator

This color-changing tunnel connects two buildings of the Museum of Fine Art

King Miles riding in the wagon at the zoo. Princess Whitnie was kind enough to share her link toys.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Galveston Island

Despite the rain, Saturday we drove an hour south of Houston to Galveston to swim in the Gulf of Mexico and see the damage from last year's Hurricane Ike. There's even a town named "Alvin" on the way.

Miles loved the beach! He sat in the shallow waves, happily splashing the water and eating salty sand. We tried to limit his intake, but he is one determined kid!

I'm glad the car rental price included vacuuming up our sand!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Miles now laughs on cue if we . . .

. . . slap the ground,

. . . bounce a ball,

. . . squeeze his tummy,

. . . do "Five Little Monkeys."

Miles is quite the attraction here in Houston. Strangers are always telling us how cute he is.
"He looks like he was carved out of a block of cream cheese."
"He's cuter than the Gerber baby. You should put him in modeling."
"I could eat those thighs for dinner!"
"He looks like a Viking. A Viking baby with those blue eyes and blonde
"He'll be the only kid in gym class with that name." (I didn't think Miles was that unusual.)
And they're are amazed at how big he is for 6 months. 20 lbs, I'd guess. I just say, "Wait 'till you see his thighs!"

A Tour of Houston

Schlumberger sent Alvin to Houston for a 6-week class on oil resevoir characterization, so Miles and I tagged along. To Houston, not the class. The worst part is the heat\humidity combination, but the best part is the hotel housekeeping: we never have to make our bed or wash our towels. While Alvin goes to class everyday, Miles and I hang out at the air-conditioned hotel or explore Houston by bus, foot, Mei Tai, and stroller (and taxi when it's 10:30 pm and your 9:30 bus still hasn't come). So far we have made it to . . .

Don't worry. Alvin hasn't missed out on all the fun. He joins us on excursions in the evenings and on weekends when he doesn't have to prepare group presentations.