Friday, April 27, 2012


Check out this cool turtle Alvin found in our back yard.  
He was fast . . . the turtle, that is!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cold Season

 Ahhh, sleeping soundly.
What it took:

  • NoseFrida
  • bulb syringe
  • saline spray
  • infant Tylenol
  • humidifier

Watering the Baby

Now that it is so warm outside, Miles' new favorite pastime is building rivers and waterfalls in the backyard. Basically playing in the mud.  Alvin (the geologist) helps him dig a river in the dirt, then they turn on the hose and drench the earth.  The other day I was inside using the computer when Alvin came in from just such a geology project.
"Where's Clay?" I asked.
"Oh, he's outside in his chair.  Miles is watching him."  I raised my eyebrows, but went back to work.
A few minutes passed, then we heard a shriek from outside.  Then another shriek.
I headed downstairs to assess the situation.  Just as I got to the back door, I met Miles rushing inside.
"Mom!  You have to stay in here while I dry off Clay!  Go get me a towel."
I was flabbergasted (my grandma uses that word a lot).  I tried to continue outside to see just how wet Clay was, but Miles blocked me!
Alvin handed him a towel, shrugged his shoulders at me, and said, "Miles wants to do it himself.  Just let him."  Defeated again.
Well, Miles "dried off" Clay, but the baby was still sopping when we finally got to him.  But not crying - what a good sport of a little brother.

Thank you, Mr. Nibley

Quiet Classics: Piano Meditations CD by Reid Nibley
This is Miles' favorite bedtime CD.  It's a lovely collection of classical piano music, soothing enough to put a boisterous toddler to sleep.  You can listen to some of it here.  My favorites are #1, #2, and, of course, Clair de Lune #14.  Reid Nibley is a sensitive, accomplished pianist.

Every night before we can leave his room, Miles instructs:
"Hug and kiss and my music on and 'bye.'  And I want the music with the leaf and the rose."

This may not seem related, but . . . I got a piano on Friday!  My future seems so bright and complete now!  I really was pining without a piano.  You know, I took lessons from age 4 to 17, and I even taught a few students over the years.  But I have been without a real piano since 2010.

Since we moved to Oklahoma, I've been thinking about getting a used piano.  And now the timing was right, we had a good tax return, and I found a quality instrument on Craig's List.  The man selling it was asking more than I planned on spending, but as soon as I tried it out and heard the tone quality, I fell in love.  (The seller even turned out to be a piano mover and delivered it to us for free!)  This piano has a mellow, bell-like sound, and the key action is good - not too loose.

Tonight I played Clair de Lune.  My fingers still remember it!  After a few measures, Miles' face lit up, he ran upstairs, then came back carrying his "leaf CD."

"Mom!" he said.  "That's the song on my music!"