Monday, June 24, 2013


It's wild blackberry season at our house again, and the most enthusiastic picker around here is the youngest.  Clay is such a good blackberry picker . . . he doesn't even need a bowl.  As soon as we show him a patch with some ripe berries, he starts marching in place and panting for sheer excitement.  Then he grabs every one he can see and stuffs them in his mouth.  He'll even venture into the deep, thick woods with me just to taste a few more.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June already?

Here it is, June already.  So to recap for the last few months . . .

In March my sister Amber had a baby!  Little Stevie B. is Miles' and Clay's first cousin on my side of the fam.

Clay is growing into a busy toddler.  He is so cuddly and snuggly!  He likes to walk up to friendly-looking moms and church and stand by them until they pick him up and give him a hug.  At home Clay walks around pointing at our fish pictures and saying "ish, ish."  He likes to bring me books to read to him, and he likes to play keep away with Miles.  They take turns throwing his pacifier or bouncy ball, then they run to chase it.

In April we enjoyed (yes, really!) a camping trip to the Wichita Mountains.  We went with another family in our ward.  The moms and babies stayed in a hotel. :)  We did a fun hike that involved scrambling up a boulder field to the top of the mountain.  Miles led the way.  He was so animated and cheerful.  Although I think he should have drunk more water because he had bad growing pains that night.  Apparently he cried until 2 in the morning.  Alvin was annoyed about that.

Clay reluctantly started weekly playdates with his friend, Bailey, so Miles and I could start violin lessons.  Whenever Alvin and I have discussed our financial goals, I've always reminded him that I want to set aside some money so our kids could take music lessons.  And now my dream is being realized!  We found a Suzuki violin teacher, and we've been practicing every day and listening to the Book 1 songs.  I love it!

In May, Miles completed a year of preschool.  He's had several singing programs throughout the year, but he always sat with his lips zipped.  At the final graduation program, Miles sang all the songs!  I started crying right there.  Here he is, dressed as an "a-a-alligator" for his letter parade.

We took a weekend trip to Dallas, which is only a 3 hour drive.  We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge and swam at their indoor waterpark, then we went to a castle for dinner and a show with knights and horses and jousting.  

We had a very wet and stormy spring in Oklahoma this year.  I'll have to get Alvin to write about the recent tornadoes, but just so you know, our house and trees are still standing.  Even Alvin's two gardens survived.