Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Cute Boy

Where's your halo, Miles?

Enjoying the Tulip Fest at Thanksgiving Point.

Alex, Tiffany, Miles, Whitney, & Averi at Allison's wedding.

Miles chills while Averi gets some help keeping her tongue in.

To Alvin. Surprise!

Jonathan, Ryan, Nick, Alvin, & Miles. Happy birthday, Nick!

When are those frog-legs going to spring?


One of Miles' favorite babysitters, Aunt Amber.

Alvin's exotic anemone.

Miles rides in the umbrella stroller when our arms are too tired or busy to hold him.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Miles to Moab

Today Miles was blessed. He's always been blessed, but today Alvin gave him a blessing and official name: Miles Asher Anderson. "Miles" for the glacier we visited in Alaska and "Asher" because he's a happy boy and we're happy to have him in our family (and I'm happy to have him out of my tummy!).

Here's who came to celebrate with us: Alvin's family, my family, and our friends . . . obviously . . . which, by the way turns out to be a lot of people. And it was great!

Miles looked cute in his white outfit, and luckily it stayed white the entire time he wore it.
We all came to our house after church to eat. Thanks, everyone, for the beautiful, delicious food you brought! And thanks, Cassie, for washing the watermelon from Mexico. :)

A couple weeks ago Miles was ready to be initiated into the world of outdoor adventure. Destination: Moab. And he loved it! We took him hiking, and when he wasn't asleep, he was bright-eyed and curious about the amazing sights around him.

Brian and Angela let us stay at their house in Canyonlands. They are real quality friends: they gave us their bed and slept outside in a tent so we could get up with Miles during the night. It was fun to see their park-ranger lifestyle. We're jealous.

What a perfect time of year to be in that part of Utah! Sunny, breezy weather, perfect for hiking and sight-seeing. We hiked to Mineral Bottom and Hell Roaring Canyon with Miles slung in the sling or strapped in the wrap. My favorite was driving the Lexus through Onion Creek 16 times, then parking and wading through it ourselves. It's a must-see if you're near Moab. Miles enjoyed it, too. His eyes were wide open, and he loved looking at the red-rock cliffs.

Alvin wants to live in Castle Valley after seeing its red-rock cliffs and pinnacles backdropped by the La Sal mountains. It's a hidden, peaceful oasis in the desert.

Sunday: it was awesome getting together with Clay & Leslie and Brian & Angela for fajitas and blondies. They discussed their world travels and philosophised on the Creation and evolution while I cut wedding invitations for Alvin's sister's wedding.

Monday: another spectacular hike through Millcreek, a narrow red-rock canyon with cottonwoods, beaver dams, and still-frigid swimming holes. That didn't stop Clay from a little deep-water soloing.
I'm was especially pleased that our trip to Moab included two stops for Maverick frozen yogurt. Mmm.