Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miles is Born!

Here he is...all 8 pounds 14 ounces. He's quite the kid. A very content and happy baby. Miles Asher was born on February 21st at 4:46 pm at the Birthing Center in Holladay. We are so glad he's here with us. He and his mom are doing very well. His father on the other hand is still recovering from the whole experience.

Here's Miles' mom, the most amazing woman in the world...Miles and I are lucky to have her around.

Here are a few more photos:

And one completely unrelated photo just for fun...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby, oh baby

Last week we brought home not one, but two, new babies. Neither of them will be named Miles. You'll have to ask Alvin for the crazy story, since he's the one that can't pass up a good deal.

But how could you refuse a cute guy like this?

Obviously I am still in one piece, but separation is imminent. I hope.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

10 days to D-day

Or as the HypnoBirthers would say, my "estimated birthing day/week/month." No signs, unfortunately, that the baby will come early. Which really is fine, because it gives us more time to choose a pediatrician and read about how to care for an infant. And come to a consensus about circumcision.

Yesterday we took a break from car-hunting (Alvin's Accord is going to die, so he wants a Lexus) and house-cleaning (this so-called "nesting instinct" has quadrupled my desire for a clean house) to go snowshoeing. Destination: Little Cottonwood Canyon. Ahh. . . to be above the Salt Lake City smog. And it wasn't cold enough that your fingers instantly freeze outside your gloves. Just nice and refreshing. The top layer of snow on the ground had crystallized like corn flakes.

For those curious about how 8.9 months of pregnancy and snowshoeing mesh: the snowshoeing part was not that difficult. But it was exhausting trying to bend over and strap my gaiters around my boots. Miles is not as squish-able in my belly as he used to be!

Look how vibrant and healthy Alvin's coffee plant is! He got it at Smith's almost three years ago, and since then he has nurtured the plant like a father, awaiting the day it would bear fruit. He nearly cried with joy (not really) when the first tiny pink star blossoms appeared. Now the fruit has matured into beautiful midnight-blue berries. I'm no expert in coffee beans, but that seed sure doesn't look like a Starbucks candidate to me. Alvin, only slightly devastated, is ruminating over how to go about identifying the precise plant species. Any botanists out there?