Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our End-of-the-Year News for 2007

Alvin and I were married in the Manti Temple June 2, 2007. Our honeymoon road trip through Canada was fraught with peril (we passed a dozen black bears) and hidden treasures (Alvin panned a couple flecks of gold). After a three-month internship in Anchorage interspersed by adventurous weekends exploring the trails and glaciers of Alaska, we moved to Laura’s house in South Jordan, Utah. Here is a typical day in the Anderson family:

6:00 Laura gets up to go running or swim laps
7:00 Alvin gets up, turns on NPR, and eats breakfast
7:30 Laura leaves for work at Roy & Associates Consulting Actuaries
8:00 Alvin works on his thesis at home. He’s writing about the geology in the Uinta Mountains.
10:00 Laura puts the finishing touches on a computer program that will calculate retirement benefits
11:00 Distracted by a flock of geese outside the window, Alvin races outside, grabbing his camera on the way, and captures the geese migration on video
4:00 Laura leaves work to battle the traffic on I-15
4:30 Alvin calls Laura’s cell to ask what he should cook for dinner
6:00 Over dinner, Alvin recounts the latest developments in Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign
8:00 Alvin and Laura play a close round of ping-pong in the living room before joining Laura’s sisters (who share the house) for a movie

We both agree that marriage is better than ice cream, and we make it a point to enjoy both every day!

Merry Christmas, all you friends and family!


Angela said...

Hmmm, sounds like the Alvin I used to room with. Keeping track of the Mitt Romney campaign, being distracted by geese, yup. Hey are you two coming through AZ anytime? I got a job in Canyonlands this summer!


Whitney said...

Hey Laura! I just stumbled onto your blog this afternoon! It looks like married life is treating you well! Alaska looks beautiful! Do you miss it? I also have a blog it's Check it out if you get the chance.