Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays!


Christmas is the surely the greatest time of year. On Christmas Eve we had a "Jerusalem supper" with Laura's mom, step dad, and sisters. It was great...we had flat bread, cheese, olives, grape juice, and dried apricots...yummm...tasty. That night we read Luke Chapters 1 and 2.

Christmas morning we opened presents. This year we decided to donate money to charity for at least one of our presents. I decided to give money to a charity called Global Impact. They are all about helping people out of poverty and providing basic essential health and food services. Laura suprised me with a ceramics class which we will take together in a few months. Oh...and I hope you all notice how cute Laura is. We are sooo excited for the upcoming birth of our new baby boy Miles. Only seven weeks to go!

That afternoon we went to Laura's grandparents' house and had fun talking (well, listening to Laura's grandma talk) and they fed us some famous split pea soup and chili.

Then it was on to my parents' house for ham, cranberry relish and Christmas steam pudding. We exchanged gifts, played games, and I lost a chess game to my intellectually superior brother-in-law Ian.

Holiday Fun

With five full days off work, we had time to spend relaxing and playing. We had so much fun talking and spending time with family. It was also fun to have a giant snowstorm on Christmas. Although, I'm pretty sure the day after Christmas alone I spent over two hours shoveling snow off the driveway. It must have snowed at least a foot.

Thank goodness for a warm living room. I pulled out the original 8 bit 1986 Nintendo and played of my all-time favorite games. After much toil I made it past the metroids, whereupon I did away with the Mother Brain and made the galaxy a safer place!

We're happy and well, and we wish all of you the happy holidays you deserve!


Leslie said...

Laura you look fantastic! I love your gift ideas- I may have to borrow them for future years!

mrp670 said...

It was so fun to see you over Christmas! I am glad you are bigger than I am at this point. Check out our blog at

Teah said...

Wow! Laura looks like she is barely six months pregnant and you say she only has seven weeks left. Well Laura you look great and I love the dress. Donovan and I are doing well. He past his prelims and we are on to dissertation. Only a year and a half left. Yeah! Hope all goes well with your upcoming birth.
Teah and Donovan

Amber and Kevin Smith said...

Laura you have the cutest baby bump ever!! Your Jerusalem super sounds awesome. We might have to try that one year. Love you guys!

Jenni said...

It was so fun to see you at your baby shower Laura! You look so cute! Good luck with everything, I'd love to come see your baby boy when he gets here!!!