Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby, oh baby

Last week we brought home not one, but two, new babies. Neither of them will be named Miles. You'll have to ask Alvin for the crazy story, since he's the one that can't pass up a good deal.

But how could you refuse a cute guy like this?

Obviously I am still in one piece, but separation is imminent. I hope.


kp said...

I was all excited when I saw you guys had a new post! And I can't lie--a little disappointed it wasn't Miles.

Teah said...

Just so you know...I've never met a woman who was pregnant forever. Although I did watch a story about a woman who was pregnant for fourty years. Ok so that's not exactly what you wanted to hear but hey at least she eventually became unpregnant(at least I think that's a word).
Donovan and Teah

Zander Family said...

Laura, how are you doing? I'm sorry you still haven't had that baby. But I have to tell you life is GREAT not being pregnant! And nothing is better than having a sweet newborn to love. Hang in there and let me know if I can do anything for you. Amy

Angela said...

hey! Bry and I know that you had your baby and we're so excited to see the pictures! Congrats on not one, but three "new babies"-- two Lexuses? Would that be "Lex-i" plural? Anyway, congrats! And I love the Canyonlands poster in your room. :)