Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Cute Boy

Where's your halo, Miles?

Enjoying the Tulip Fest at Thanksgiving Point.

Alex, Tiffany, Miles, Whitney, & Averi at Allison's wedding.

Miles chills while Averi gets some help keeping her tongue in.

To Alvin. Surprise!

Jonathan, Ryan, Nick, Alvin, & Miles. Happy birthday, Nick!

When are those frog-legs going to spring?


One of Miles' favorite babysitters, Aunt Amber.

Alvin's exotic anemone.

Miles rides in the umbrella stroller when our arms are too tired or busy to hold him.


Heather said...

He sure is getting big! What a cute boy.

Jenni said...

He is so cute! And I know Nick. I used to work with him at Mountain America Credit Union. Small world...

Angela said...

it's great to see your adorable little boy! Thanks again for housing Brian on his marathon trip home. I really appreciate you guys!