Monday, January 11, 2010

Random January-ness

The evolution of the beard. Alvin can grow some thick facial hair, but after a couple weeks of the experiment, we both agreed we prefer him facial-hair-less.
Your legs need to grow a few more inches to reach those pedals.

Without occasional visits from Brian and Angela, we would rapidly lose touch with the high-adventure, outdoors-loving crowd. We might also lose perspective and start feeling tall. After a convincing bluff, Ang beat the boys in Ticket to Ride. P.S. Angela, we found a store that carries hook on seats (here's another model).

Miles is starting to walk the walk and strut the strut. Doesn't he look dashing in a tie?

Alvin hosted the BYU Outdoors Club at his family cabin in Fairview Canyon. Here he is packing - with a stowaway.

This is my step-family. Who ever thought I'd be a step-sister? The cute girl in white in the middle is Emma. She just got baptized. The baby hiding behing my head is Luke; he and Miles share a birthday! The baby to the left of Emma is Gabe; he just turned one.
Help! Esau is after me!


Brian Hays said...

Now that's some burly beardage. Nice Alvin. Thanks for letting us stay at your house again! I'll have to show Angela the seat - thanks.

Heather said...

We love pictures and updates! It looks like you guys are doing well and Miles is sure growing up!

Ann said...

Nice Facial hair Alv! Love the handlebar. We just played ticket to ride for the first time, fun game!!

Levi and Kami's Blog said...

Mile's smile is sooo cute!!! I love your blog!