Sunday, October 31, 2010

Toddler dictionary

Miles isn't quite as advanced as Ella (also 20 months old), who can sing the ABCs and give an intelligible rendition of nearly every object in her sight, but he is finally emerging from his non-verbal toddlerhood. That is exciting for us.

Miles says the following words:
I-paw (This is his greeting to Alvin when he gets home from work: "Hi fun parent who lets me use the I-pod!")
wawa (water)
gah-gah (tiger)
boppydah (we don't know what it means, but love how it rolls off our tongues when we repeat it)
nana (banana)
g'bah (granola bar)
mon! (C'mon)
Dada (Miles lays in bed repeating this, and Alvin has a hard time resisting
Ammer (Aunt Amber)
Aanh (depending on the context and the direction his finger is pointing, this could mean "I want to watch Thomas the Tank Engine," "I want some Halloween candy," or "I want to nurse.")

Miles is the most compliant when we say the following words:
Do you want to cook?
Do you want to take a bath?
Do you want to go for a bike ride?

Miles is the least compliant when we say the following words:
Let's go brush your teeth.
You can't play with the camera right now.

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That is so cute! So so cute!