Saturday, May 14, 2011


Our kind neighbors invited us to an Easter Egg Hunt. The mom in charge said she was trying to make up for her childhood disappointment of never being quick enough to find many eggs. In this hunt, you don't have to be quick - you just need eyes and legs.
Miles put two eggs in his basket, then he wanted to go play on the swingset. Alvin helped him collect a few more (and has been helping him eat the candy, too).
The last hurrah with Ella, Miles' best friend. She moved to Chicago two weeks ago, but Miles still asks if she can come over. We took him to see her empty apartment and explained that she moved to a new home. He stood looking through the window, very quiet, for a long time.
My new bike! Can I say how much I love road biking?!? The speed, the wind on your skin, ahhh. I'm still getting used to the clipless pedals. Fortunately I've tipped over on BOTH sides of the bike so the scuffs on the seat and handlebars are symmetrical. So were the bruises on my hips.
Miles is ready to go! But where will he need my scriptures, shoes, AND his Cars DVD?

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Whitney said...

Miles looks so big! IT hasn't been that long has it? Sorry we missed you at the last play group thing, hope to see you soon! Road biking sounds fun! -but symmetrical bruises do not :)