Sunday, August 7, 2011

Last hurrah in Utah. Destination: Fairview

After packing up our apartment and sending our belongings to Oklahoma in three little U-Haul storage containers, we took a trip to Fairview to hang out at the Anderson cabin and see the demolition derby.
Alvin, according to Laura: The Fairview Demolition Derby is probably the best in the state. Have you ever seen a bunch of old, windowless cars drive around in a dirt arena, crashing into each other, trying to be the last vehicle that can move? If you haven't, then you haven't lived. The hot sun nearly blinds your view, and the deafening revving engines muffle all conversation, but this is the time of your life. Only 5 heats before a winner is declared? Too bad, but the fireworks after the show will be amazing, too.
Laura: The kettle corn is good, but how much longer until I can unplug my ears and go home to bed? I can't believe this thing is sold out. Did you see that booth selling fried pickles, fried cookie dough, and fried Oreos?
Miles: Cars crash de-mo-li-shun der-bee! In dirt! Ta-tees (tractors) come take cars away!
Being at the cabin was lovely - not too hot, fields of summer flowers, and even a little snow left over from winter. Miles' cousins had so much fun entertaining him that I got to finish my book, Born to Run. Great read - I'd never even wanted to run a marathon before, but now I'm convinced I could put "run an ultra" on my list of life goals.


Levi and Kami's Blog said...

Wow! You have a great blog! I enjoy reading it so much! I'm grateful to know what you're up to! So excited for you and the changes you guys have made! Good luck!!!!

Rachel said...

Well we are sad we couldn't see you, but we are glad you made it safe. As for your last post, here are some boy names I like: Cody, Noah, Conner, James, Tristan
Have fun!

Angela said...

Great way to sum up the derby. . .it totally made me laugh out loud. We're going to miss you guys now that you're in Oklahoma! That seems so far away!

Brian Hays said...

Dude, competing in that derby is my new life goal.