Friday, December 16, 2011

Estimated Due Date

Miles is is bed, Alvin is reading the news online, and I'm not in labor, so I think I'll post a few pictures of our lovely trip to Utah.  My sister Amber got married December 3rd, so it was the perfect excuse to visit our families, who we've been missing.

Utah is much colder than Oklahoma, but we brought enough warm clothes to go for a little hike/walk.  My Aunt Rosie was in town for the wedding, and since she's been taking a geology class, she requested Alvin lead a geology "field trip."  He did great, and it reminded him how much he likes teaching people about geology.  Miles was happy to find some tractors at one of our stops.

Here come Brian and Amber out of the Salt Lake Temple.  Don't trip over Miles' blue Dinoco car!  He borrowed it from Aunt Ann and wouldn't let it out of his sight the whole trip.  I loved Amber's dress, and I cried through the wedding.

Here we are at the reception.  Oma brought a new toy for Miles: a red tape measure.  He asked me to lay on the floor so he could measure the baby in my tummy.  Guess who's been coming to prenatal appointments with me :)

We made a quick stop to visit Miles' old friend Ella and her brother Calvin.

The whole trip was really very nice.  It was sooo good to see our families and take a break from work, fixing the house, cooking, and being in charge of Miles.  He had so many attentive relatives doting on him that I got to really relax.  Also, Miles loved playing with his cousins and their toys.  It made me sad to think that he is missing out on that while we live so far away.

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tia g said...

hey laura, i just read your christmas letter, and wish i remembered to tell you that starting in january the gym is going to do a trial run of kid's corner 5 days a week (8:30-10:30)...yay! so, i know you'll have the new babe, but little babes sleep so well in carseats, i hope you will be able to take advantage!!!! if there is enough interest (average 5 kids), they will continue to offer t/th!!! yay!

tia (and here is my blog!!!