Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miles is 3!

Happy Birthday, Miles!  Ever since we told him he would be turning three, he's been practicing the fingers: "I will be this many?"  Here he is, ready to check out his loot.  When we showed him his wrapped presents, he said, "Let's open them and see if there's a train inside."  Does that yellow one look like it could be a train?  I guess deductive reasoning skills come after three.  By the way, Amber, he loves the grabber hand!
We had a little birthday party with some kids from Nursery.  I checked out "Children's Parties" from the library and prepared half-a-dozen age-appropriate games.  I might as well have tried to get cats to play my games!  The kids were just as happy when we brought out Miles's toys and let them play on their own.
Brothers!  Miles was watching some YouTube train movies while I fed Clay.  (He feels very empowered with the computer now that he can work the mouse.)  When I said to Clay, "Are you all done eating?" Miles answered, "No, he's still hungry.  You need to feed him some more, Mom."  He knew when Clay was done, his time on the computer would be done, too. :)
I sure love you, Miles!  Two has been so fun, especially since you have learned to talk so well!  I love the things you think of to say all by yourself.  You have a good memory and you like to remind us about random incidents that happened months ago, like when you went to the cabin with Dad, or when you burned your finger making pancakes.  You say, "'Member that, guys?"  You can recite the 1st and 2nd Articles of Faith all by yourself, you can go potty all by yourself, you read the numbers printed on packaging and book pages, and you like riding your big yellow bike inside the house.  We are so glad you are in our family.  I can't wait to see what new things you learn and do when you are three!  Love, Mom


Clay Allred said...

3, wow! Time flys!

Ashley said...

So cute! Thanks for the birth story, too! What cute boys and a precious family.

Rachel said...

Happy birthday Miles!! What cute boys you have. They'll be best friends.