Saturday, March 24, 2012

Does pregnancy give you cavities?

Now I will reveal my oral history.  In thirty years I have had 2 cavities: one in a baby tooth, and one in a permanent molar.  I was very proud of my healthy teeth, and thank my mother for diligently administering fluoride tablets to me in my childhood.

Two weeks ago I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning.  I was nothing less than astounded when the hygienist claimed I had 5 cavities.  She said, noting my sidekicks (Clay and Miles), "Yep.  Kids'll do it to you.  They suck all your nutrients.  Plus, you tend to be less diligent about tooth brushing when you are chasing them around all day."

Is that true?!

Whether it is or not, I had 5 cavities filled Thursday.  I suddenly feel ashamed that I laughed at Alvin's limp cheeks when he had dental work done a year ago.  What would you say is the worst torture: the shots, the drilling, or hours of numb, sagging cheeks and tongue?


Rachel said...

It's true. They do take the nutrients. I think it's the hormonal changes in the body and they can soften the enamel. Bummer. I'm worried about my dental visit. I don't know what is the worst part. I really don't like shots and my last cavity was small so I told them not to do a shot.

Jenni said...

I was the same way! Clear up until my first baby, I had only ever had one cavity in my life! Except, your news was even better than mine. I had 9 cavities when I went to the dentist shortly after having Trevan. NINE! One ended up in a root canal. I couldn't believe it! The dentist told me that, besides the baby taking all the nutrients, your body is more acidic (hence heartburn) and when you are pregnant, you should swish with baking soda and water three times a day. Yes, my dentist is obviously a man because any woman who has been pregnant knows that swishing with baking soda is not feasible to an already nauseous, hormonal woman. :)