Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring in Edmond

Spring in Edmond, OK is good for . . .
...enjoying flowers.  Our neighbors brought them when they came to dinner.
...splashing in the mud.  That bare spot in the back yard is getting more use than the lawn!
 ...swinging with a friend.  Owen (left) is wearing Miles' red shirt because his own clothes were casualties of the garden hose.
 ...growing up!  And watching mom eat dinner outside.
...picking wild blackberries in the forest behind our house.  Watch out for ticks!
 ...eating blackberries.  And making jam with the rest.  Yum.
 ...hanging out with mom while she cooks.
 ...finding a clever (and free) way to display Miles' artwork.  This involved a trip to a bamboo patch and a thorough study of clove hitches and lashings in Essential Knot Tying for the Outdoors.
...camping with dad.  These two planned to attend the Fathers and Sons campout, but the location was 2 1/2 hours away.  Instead, Alvin and Miles drove 5 minutes to Arcadia Lake, set up the tent, built a fire, threw rocks in the lake, and gave me and Clay the night and morning off.


Rachel said...

Looks like fun. I bet those blackberries were good; they looked good.

Brian Hays said...

You guys are looking good - you're kiddos are both studs.