Monday, June 25, 2012

Today. . .

I caught Clay on his hands and feet, almost ready to launch into a crawl.  He will be six months old in 4 days.  His favorite past-times are blowing slobbery raspberries and watching Miles' crazy antics.

I asked Miles, "Whose toothbrush are you using?"  (It looked too big to be his.)
He said, "I'm using dad's toothbrush because it has queakers.  I like the queakers."
I guess he likes the squeaking sound the rubber makes in his mouth.

Clay loves being one of the "big people" at mealtime.  He sits in his booster seat at the table and tries to maneuver peas or Cheerios or beans from his tray to his mouth.  I can tell he thoroughly enjoys it.  It's worth the extra mess.

Miles was extremely amiable when he woke up this morning because he knew he'd be going to Adler's house to play.  We are so lucky to have a fellow three-year-old train lover in the neighborhood.

And the adults around here. . .
Alvin got a raise and a bonus at work.  He sweetly said I could have half of the bonus, since I work so hard for our family, too.  He bought three pairs of dressy work shoes, which I thought were well-deserved, since he's been wearing some that are 5 years old (brown) and 12 years old (black).

I swam laps at Gold's, did laundry, stored a bunch of Miles toys in hopes of reducing the daily clutter, and dressed up Miles as a pirate while Alvin prepared an FHE lesson (entitled "I Will Obey").

Our air conditioner ran nonstop since 7 am, and it was still 81 degrees inside the house.

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