Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crazy dancing

We got to do some FaceTime with Alvin's mom and dad today.  What a great invention, FaceTime!  Miles informed me that while he was talking to Grandma and Grandpa (which he requests to do by himself), he showed them a crazy dance that was "really super fun."  I didn't see it, but I imagine it involved hopping on one foot while rolling his arms.  Miles said it was called, "We didn't start the air conditioner."  Remind you of anything?

P.S. I made this cake today, and it really is what it claims.  I actually ordered the cocoa powder from Amazon, and it's intense, rich flavor was definitely worth the weirdness of buying a grocery item online.

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Rachel said...

Wow. I really need to keep up on your blog. I love your hair. You make me want to cut mine like that.

If anyone says Dang it at home, Braelee says, "We don't say dang it, we say oopsie daisy." That's how I got her to stop repeating it when I said it. Now she catches us on everything. She even tells us not to say, Oh Man.