Sunday, March 24, 2013

At the Science Museum

It all started with the snow.  There was enough of a dusting during the night that Edmond Public Schools cancelled school on February 21, 2013.  It was Miles' birthday!  I didn't think the slush on the roads would merit a snow day, so I got the kids ready and drove Miles to preschool.  We even dressed up extra nice for his birthday spotlight and took a special snack.  But when we arrived at preschool, the parking lot was empty.

So we did the next best thing to celebrate Miles' birthday: Science Museum Oklahoma.  We love it there!  Tons of hands-on exhibits and toys for the kids.  I just follow them around and let them explore.

Here is Clay trying out the light board.  Now that he's walking, he legs take him to try out all the big-kid things he can find.

Presenting . . . our birthday boy!  Miles turned 4 on February 21.

He hid in this dark room, then threw open the curtains and ran out.  Many times.  The last time, he ran straight into a table.  With his mouth.  Oops!

It hurt him really badly.  His tooth cut his lip and bled all over.  I tried to mop it up with a wet-wipe while he screamed.  Some nice museum patrons kept an eye on Clay while I dealt with Miles.  Eventually, we left the museum, went to see Alvin at work for some extra TLC, and discovered that Miles' front tooth had been bumped out of place.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon calling dentists and taking Miles to get his tooth inspected.  Fortunately, it was a baby tooth.  Fortunately, it wasn't knocked too far out of place.  And fortunately, it didn't get infected or broken.  At this point, one month after the accident, his tooth has turned gray, but looks like it may stay in his mouth for a few more years.  Maybe he can be a pirate for Halloween.

Now Miles will always remember that on his fourth birthday, he went to the Science Museum and broke his tooth!

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