Monday, September 21, 2009

5 more days in Texas

Alvin's training is winding to a close, and I've seen most of the museums that interested me. It's been kind of nice being in Houston and living a simple life (simple except for the fine cuisine we've indulged in), but I think we're all ready to reunite with our family and possessions in South Jordan.

Here's a brief summary of our take on Texas, so you'll know what you're getting into if you ever come here:

Things we like about Houston
Eating out
Getting lots of exercise walking everywhere
Shiny skyscrapers
The pool is an elevator ride away
Maids clean our rooms, change our towels, and bring free shampoo
No dog hair on the carpet
Seeing old college geology friends who live here
No commitments; every night is open
Exploring new museums and parks
Ethnic diversity: Middle Eastern, African, Mexican
Feeling free to run the air conditioner all day (it’s included in the hotel tab)
Outlines of the state of Texas on freeways and pies

Talking to interesting people on the buses

Things we miss about South Jordan
Alvin’s pottery (we made some pots in Utah, but had to leave before they were fired)
Driving a car to the grocery store

Putting the groceries in the trunk instead of the bottom of a stroller
Babysitters for Miles
Our garden: zucchini, tomatoes, raspberries, and pears
Miles’ toys and highchair
Wide, even sidewalks that don’t end randomly
Cool, dry Utah September
Mountains and hiking
Wheat grinder and whole wheat bread
Yoga classes
The temple


Brian Hays said...

Glad you guys are coming back to UT!! We are too. I start work back at Canyonlands on Oct. 13th. Let us know if you want to visit!!


Kami Sheffer's Blog said...

Looks like it was successful!!! Fun!

mrp670 said...

Thanks for the CD. Sydnie always asks me to turn it on. It was fun to hang out with you. Next time visit in the winter when it's beautiful here and you can laugh at everyone in the freezing cold.