Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miles is quite the attraction here in Houston. Strangers are always telling us how cute he is.
"He looks like he was carved out of a block of cream cheese."
"He's cuter than the Gerber baby. You should put him in modeling."
"I could eat those thighs for dinner!"
"He looks like a Viking. A Viking baby with those blue eyes and blonde
"He'll be the only kid in gym class with that name." (I didn't think Miles was that unusual.)
And they're are amazed at how big he is for 6 months. 20 lbs, I'd guess. I just say, "Wait 'till you see his thighs!"

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Brian Hays said...

Wow, looks like you guys have had a fun summer!! Miles the Anderson Scotlander = stud. I didn't know that you all are in Houston.

We'll be back at ISKY starting October 12th, and will be working there for the Fall/winter/spring, so you guys will have to come down to visit again.