Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Every night we put Miles to bed with his head on his pillow and tuck his blanket into the bed. (Incidentally, the head of his bed pointed north.) His alignment doesn't change much until morning when he gets up. But . . . three days ago I moved his bed to another wall in the room. Since then, every night when we check on Miles before we go to bed, we have found him rotated 90 degrees, his entire body beneath the tucked-in blanket. Curious!

After two nights of worrying about the oxygen level beneath the blanket, we stripped the bed and dressed Miles in two pajamas. He slept very well last night.


Rachel and Tyson said...

Wow. That's funny. Braelee moves all the time when she sleeps.

Levi and Kami's Blog said...

Oh my! That just brings the biggest smile to my face! Funny! Not the oxygen levels though. :)) Breathe little guy! ;)

Brian Hays said...

If I'm ever lost I hope its with Miles; we'll just put him to sleep and he'll wake up pointing north!