Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tales from Joy School, Part 1

These two kids were born on February 21, 2009. Their mommies thought they would love going to each other's house for Joy School (a term they use loosely since the curriculum is actually from Brightly Beaming). The kids play, do art projects and action songs, and learn fun things, like shapes, colors, letters, and animals. Miles likes to show Ella his battery-powered cars and how to jump on the bed. Ella can sing songs and likes to ask for cheese. Their favorite games are London Bridge and Ring Around the Rosy.


Angela said...

Miles is looking so much like a little boy! And what a cute one! That is pretty awesome that they were both born on the same day, and even more impressive that you're teaching (?) joy school?! Wow.
PS: I didn't sew the fleece onesie (but I wish I did)! And hiking with Liesel is a blast. Brian even said he liked hiking the other day with her in tow. And that is amazing!

Leslie said...

Yea for Joy School. I have very fond, but blurry memories of Joy School. I wished we lived closer to be part of your curriculum!