Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are these really all mine?

Enjoying the "babymoon."  Just snuggling with this baby is bliss.  I love googling over his tiny toes and inhaling his milky smell.

See the doll feet hanging out the the carrier?  Every day I put Clay in a baby carrier and go for a walk, pushing Miles in the stroller.  Miles wanted to try carrying his baby in a carrier, too.  (He can't sleep at night without his baby next to him on the pillow.)
Clay's cheeks and neck are pudging up.  He gained nearly a pound at his one-week appointment with the pediatrician!  What a happy face.
Alvin's new couch, before bringing it home from the store.  He totally designed our basement "den."  He painted it and furnished it with a couch, new TV, abstract painting and TV stand.  We love to hang out there. 


Rachel said...

Wow. How fun. Braelee also has to sleep with something every night too. Though sometimes it's a barbie, a doll, a princess or an animal. I bet Miles is a great big brother. He sure seems that way.

Jason Zander said...

What a sweet baby! We miss you guys!

Jenni said...

He's just precious, Laura! And I love Miles being so involved. Kids are so sweet. :)

Angela said...

I totally thought miles was carrying clay around in that carrier! I love your hair btw! It is so awesome. Will we ever see you guys again?

Levi and Kami's Blog said...

So darling!