Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Little Toddler That Could

Miles has been watching the 2011 animated version of "The Little Engine That Could."  It's about a train, so of course he loves it.  He randomly quotes lines from the movie, complete with inflection: "We can't just leave them!" and tells me about the characters: "Richard, the real boy, and the 'cary' [scary] train."
The other day we were out for a walk, and Miles was riding his new bike from Santa.  When we came home, I assumed he would jump off the bike and let me push it up our steep driveway.  Instead, Miles kept pedaling while I pushed his back.  As we started up the hill, Miles chanted, "I tink I can, I tink I can, I tink I can."  I almost burst out laughing.  It was cool that he applied something he had seen in a movie to his own life.  When we got to the top, he said, "Look!  Made it to the top!"

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BB said...

That is one darling and smart boy you have there.