Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thank you, Mr. Nibley

Quiet Classics: Piano Meditations CD by Reid Nibley
This is Miles' favorite bedtime CD.  It's a lovely collection of classical piano music, soothing enough to put a boisterous toddler to sleep.  You can listen to some of it here.  My favorites are #1, #2, and, of course, Clair de Lune #14.  Reid Nibley is a sensitive, accomplished pianist.

Every night before we can leave his room, Miles instructs:
"Hug and kiss and my music on and 'bye.'  And I want the music with the leaf and the rose."

This may not seem related, but . . . I got a piano on Friday!  My future seems so bright and complete now!  I really was pining without a piano.  You know, I took lessons from age 4 to 17, and I even taught a few students over the years.  But I have been without a real piano since 2010.

Since we moved to Oklahoma, I've been thinking about getting a used piano.  And now the timing was right, we had a good tax return, and I found a quality instrument on Craig's List.  The man selling it was asking more than I planned on spending, but as soon as I tried it out and heard the tone quality, I fell in love.  (The seller even turned out to be a piano mover and delivered it to us for free!)  This piano has a mellow, bell-like sound, and the key action is good - not too loose.

Tonight I played Clair de Lune.  My fingers still remember it!  After a few measures, Miles' face lit up, he ran upstairs, then came back carrying his "leaf CD."

"Mom!" he said.  "That's the song on my music!"

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