Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Miles!

Miles recovered from his Science Museum accident (see below) enough to enjoy his 1-friend birthday party.
 We invited his best friend Adler and Adler's mom over for a special dinner of "Basagna." Miles opened lots of presents (Legos, Curious George story collection, baby zebra, Chuggington track from his fellow train-lover), then we enjoyed cake and ice cream.  Miles wanted a leaf cake, and he suggested we go outside and find a leaf that was very flat, and smash it in the cake.  I asked him if it was okay if I just drew a leaf on the cake with frosting, and he said that was fine.
 I think the one-friend party was a great idea (thanks, Mom!) and a big success, not to mention much less work for me!  The boys had a blast together and loved running around and playing with the new toys.
 Happy Birthday, Miles! We love your energy, observations of the world, and crazy dances. I love playing chase at the park and reading books with you. You really help our family by doing your Morning Chart, unloading the silverware, and helping Clay. We are so glad you came to our family!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to Miles. And Clay is so big too.
I'm glad things are good with his tooth. My brother had the same problem when he was little. Both his front teeth were knocked out of place and one died and turned gray. But it did stay in. :)

Angela said...

Hey Laura! So I love reading your blog and admiring your parenting techniques. I wanted to ask you about Miles' chart that he does each morning. I remember a post on it (looked like a hand) but I can't find it! I remember thinking, "Wow! Such a great idea! when L get's older, I want to do that." Well, she's older now and I'd love to start something like that with her. Could you email me a little info on it to:

Thanks a million!