Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can you guess what we're having?

The ultrasound this morning was so cool-there's actually a distinct person inside me. What a cute profile. Look at those strong, Scottish legs.
Have you figured it out yet......?

It's a boy! We are so excited to have a boy, except we'll have to repaint the pink baby room. I really have no idea what to do with a boy, because I grew up with only sisters. At least Alvin's teaching me how to throw a frisbee. That's going to take a LOT of practice. Another milestone today: I started feeling the baby move and kick . . . or was that just digestion?


Carol said...

Thank you for the photos and commentary! What a delightful blog. Our grandson is darling and his parents rock.

Heather said...

Oh how exciting! Congratulations. I totally guessed wrong by the picture - I guess I'm not a skilled Ultrasound reader! Oh you totally felt the baby move. It just gets more and more and bigger movements! I hope you've been feeling good.

Amber and Kevin Smith said...

YEAH!! We are so excited for you!! He will be so cute, I hope he has red hair :)